Our Team

Coach MikeMike Almeyda

Miami, FL

Mike has been actively using Beachbody programs for the past three years. He has also been a Coach with the company for two years. Mike works with over 300 people across the United States and Canada who have taken the Beachbody Challenge. Currently, he is working to become a P90X Certified Trainer and an INSANITY Certified Trainer. Mike’s true passion is to help people succeed in health, fitness, and finance.

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Coach JessicaJessica Todd

Thomasville, NC

My name is Jessica Todd and I am a Speech Pathologist from North Carolina. I got into BeachBody hoping to lose some weight. I succeeded in doing that, but I also gained some important things as well. I gained the support of an amazing team, better health, a better attitude, confidence, and an overall better life.

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Coach AndreaAndrea Peters

Kansas City, MO

I am an Army Officer who has been physically active my entire life though boxing, track, basketball, and etc…at times due to stress and career demands, I allowed my fitness and eating to slip. Recently I had a freak injury that put me in the hospital for 5days, on a walker, and stopped my fitness for over 5 mo. So, I slowed down for a while, but now I am back to it and have lost 4lbs in 6 days, from adding Shakeology as a meal. I am determined and committed to recover completely and to return to my life of fitness and activity. While I do this, I hope to bring others along their path of recovery.

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