Rockin’ Body



Rockin’ Body is a dance-based home workout system that will burn calories and party off the pounds. Set on a large stage with costumes and flashing lights, it’s designed to feel like a live rock show, complete with an audience. Your upbeat trainer Shaun T teaches you easy-to-follow dance moves you can show off in clubs, and you’ll perform a full dance routine at the end of each segment.
Filled with popular dance party songs from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and today, including “I Will Survive” and “I Love Rock and Roll,” Rockin’ Body is an enjoyable way to burn calories and fat.

Because Shaun wants to get you comfortable with the moves so you can go all out, he uses his Mark It and Move It technique to show you how to do each step before he teaches the full routine. The names of the moves are listed on-screen, and you can watch the dancers to see variations and modifications of the moves—especially helpful for people at different fitness levels.

The high-energy atmosphere of Rockin’ Body makes your workouts feel like a dance party. The steps are even current enough that you can do them at a party or dance club. You don’t have to be a great dancer to pick up the moves, but you might be one after you’re done.