Mike Almeyda

Coach Mike Almeyda

Mike Almeyda is the founder of Unbreakable Fitness. He’s been a Professional Fitness & Business Developer with Team Beachbody since April 2011. Prior to getting started with the company, Mike was an Active Duty Army Officer preparing to transition from Active Duty Service to the National Guard. When Mike received his out-processing physical, he was surprised to learn that his LDL Cholesterol was at 300. Upon learning this, he had no idea what to do. One of his friends recommended a particular fitness program because of its nutrition guide. Mike was skeptical at first, but the program changed his life far more than he imagined. After six months, he was able to cut his LDL in half to 150 and get into tremendous shape. Because of the reaction he was getting from others that noticed his results and because of his personal success story, Mike decided to join the company. Today, there are more than 100 individuals who have joined Unbreakable Fitness because of personal success stories and a passion to help others find the same.

“Our team at Unbreakable Fitness is committed to helping End the Trend of Obesity across the United States and Canada. It has grown to epidemic proportions and looks to double by the year 2030. Our media has failed us by promoting unhealthy eating habits and doing little to teach the importance of healthy dieting. Along those lines, exercise is yet another crucial part of fitness that we fail to instill within society. Our team is dedicated to promoting health, fitness, and financial success to all who cross our path. It doesn’t matter what your race, creed, gender, or age is, we are COMMITTED to helping YOU!”
~ Coach Mike